Core tactics to get your life back within 30 days after a breakup or divorce

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The goal of this material is to help you get your full power back after she breaks up. Your break up is a crisis. There are a whole set of emotions and attitudes associated with this specific situation. The idea is to manifest a new set of strategies and solutions to help you break through and get your full power back. Your number one tool in a break up situation is your survival instinct. It is not your head. It is not ideas or concepts. It is a power which is already in you. The goal of this material is simply to help you reconnect with your natural instinctual power.

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My name is Shiva Rajaya (Francisco Bujan) and I have been coaching men, women, couples and groups in mastering and optimizing various aspects of their lives - I have been a professional coach since 2002, helped hundreds of clients in their life mastery journey. I am direct, clear and raw. I go straight to the point and make it real and specific for you. No vague strategies here. I want to make sure that your life is blasted with fresh energy after you sign up for any of my programs. It takes courage to step into this field and I want to be right here for you, offering you the best you can access in this field. I look forward to be an inspiring force in your life! To you power!

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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
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30 days to get your life back? Are you ready?

I am all about life optimization - 14 years back when I started coaching full time, my first clients were men in the breakup zone.

I realized very fast how few tools men have to successfully rebuild their lives from a breakup crisis. I saw men staying in the breakup zone for months or years without either healing or recovering from their traumas.

I realized as well that men often make core mistakes that keep them in shadow and pain loops. A set of coaching tactics emerged quickly around that time, back in 2002. I realized that by applying a simple set of tested strategies, the breakup recovery process was way faster.

Men need these tools! If you are guy in the breakup zone, you might be overflown by pain and emotions you can't control. This can snowball and sabotage so many aspects of your life including your chances of creating successful relationships in the future.

While my one on one coaching is powerful for breakup recovery, I can't of course help everyone. This is what this program is for. Instead of one one one coaching with me, you can access all these strategies directly and integrate them live in your own time.

I am still optimizing this new video program version but want to offer it to you already in case you are trapped in breakup mode.

These tactics work for breakup and divorce! I give you dozens of core strategies to master your inner emotional games, communicate effectively, rebuild your life, discover what you need to learn, take time to witness all emotions rising in your system and much more

A breakup is a powerful growth opportunity in your life. There is no need to avoid the experience because the potential for energetic expansion is incredible. It is in the moments of challenge that your evolution can massively speed up. But for this transition to be successful, you want as well to understand the potential pitfalls and what others have learned from this experience.

I did professionally coach hundreds of men in the breakup zone. The program I created years back and that I am now updating sold 8000+ copies. It shifted the lives of dozens of men like you who were trapped in broken record loops.

I created this program because I care! I want you to thrive with your life, expand, access bliss and your deepest potential!

I know that these simple tactics and the support you get from watching me live, will offer you the tools you need to transition into your future!

To your power and unlimited potential!

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